Ultra-light multi-layer fabric with high thermal insulation

8 December 2010

After the production of classic clothing fabrics has almost completely migrated to Southeast Asia in the last two decades, technical textiles are becoming increasingly important in architecture, vehicle construction and product design. The materials no longer only take on the function of an enveloping structure, but increasingly also have special thermal or chemical qualities for technical solutions. Especially in lightweight construction for mobile applications, the materials used must have a complex profile of properties.

Highly insulating spacer fabric

One example is Aerofabríx from Aeroíx in Berlin. The manufacturer uses flocking technology to produce a highly insulating and ultra-light spacer fabric. The applied filament fibers create an air gap that provides good insulation properties. The multi-layer fabric can be used, for example, for the construction of hot air balloons, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 50%. Further applications are in the area of temporary architecture (e.g. Zendome tents) or protective and outdoor equipment.

image: Dr. Alexander Bormann