Lightest chair in the world

7 July 2021

The Ultraleggera 1.660 is the lightest chair in the world. Oskar Zięta designed it in response to the feather-light challenge of Gio Ponti’s legendary Superleggera design from 1957. In June 2021 the chair received the Red Dot Award “Product Design 2021”. In this way, the jury of experts recognized the mono-material character and the resource-saving production of the furniture.

Mono Material Thinking

Ultraleggera was made from an ultra-light, durable frame using FiDU-technology (Free Internal Pressure Deforming) with a laser-cut seat and backrest. The whole structure is extremely light. Weighing just over 1,660 grams, FiDU technology, key to creating the chair structure, uses air to force the metal into shape, expanding and deforming according to its natural properties. Specially developed shapes are cut and welded and then filled with compressed air. In addition to its aesthetic value, FiDU is an energy-efficient technology that helps to optimize material and energy consumption and to minimize the amount of waste.

Ultraleggera follows the philosophy of Mono Material Thinking, consists of only one material and is completely recyclable. At the same time, it fulfills the assumptions of the circular economy model.

Thanks to the nature-inspired shape of the furniture, the power arrows are evenly distributed on the surface. Oskar Zięta has proven the strength of the structure and the material in two tests. The first was made on a free-standing chair with a load of 500 kg. During the second test, the chair was immobilized and withstood an amazing load of 1.208 kg.


image source: Oskar Zieta