Xarvio Digital Farming


Digital tool for a field-specific crop protection strategy in agriculture

8 January 2021

BASF Digital Farming GmbH, based in Cologne, has received the renowned Crop Science Award for the best innovation in digital agriculture. As part of the Agricultural Solutions division of BASF, the company received an award for its xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS product, which was launched a few months earlier. The outcome-based digital solution offers a tailored, field and season specific crop protection strategy for winter wheat that guarantees leaf health and yield success at the start of the season for a fixed price.

Biodiversity and Sustainability

The strategy calculates the risk level for each field zone using highly proven algorithms that consider agronomic information entered by the farmers and variables, e.g. growth stage modelling, forecast weather conditions and disease risks. Based on targeted application and zone maps, xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS is also contributing to biodiversity and sustainability.

“The Crop Science Award is a stamp of approval for creativity and innovation by our Digital Farming organization. We are very pleased to receive the award for xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS and the associated appreciation of our achievements. It underlines how important digital solutions are for the future of agriculture. I would like to thank our dedicated team that made this possible,” said Vincent Gros, President BASF Agricultural Solutions.

Xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS has delivered a guaranteed success rate last season of 100% to its customers and is introducing new features for season 2021. These include a self-service crop protection option for farmers that own and use VRA (variable rate application) enabled equipment for crop protection and a plant health guarantee for barley. Both features have been developed following feedback and engagement with farmers.


image: BASF