4D printing and functional materials for additive manufacturing

Series of events "Material forms product" in Hesse

6 June 2019 · 14:00–18:00

Location: IHK Offenbach
Organizer: Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH on behalf of the Hessian Ministry for Economics, Energy, Transport and State Development
Program development: Haute Innovation – Agentur für Material und Technologie
Presentation: Dr. Sascha Peters

4D Textilien - 4D-Drucken

After additive manufacturing has developed rapidly in recent years, numerous research projects are currently concerned with expanding the range of materials for 3D printing. While this was still very limited for additive production a few years ago, more and more innovative, printable materials are now coming onto the market. In research, so-called “smart” materials for 3D printing are also intensively examined. The aim is to develop materials with intelligent properties that can offer additional functions in addition to their mechanical quality.

Under the term “4D printing”, a research field has been established that aims to implement additively manufactured structures that change shape under the influence of heat, moisture, light or a magnetic fields.

Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH invites entrepreneurs, product developers, scientists, designers and architects to exchange information about the potential of 3D-printed structures with intelligent properties. The event continues the successful series of events “Material forms Product”.



Welcome round-table

“4D printing and functional materials for additive manufacturing”, Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation Berlin)

“Manufacturing in the fourth dimension using shape memory alloys”, Prof. Dr. Thomas Niendorf (Universität Kassel – Institute for Materials Technology)

“4D printing and 4D textiles for the design of textile solutions”, Dorothea Lang (Burg Giebichenstein Art College)


“3D printing tools for the use of anisotropic material properties in architecture”, Prof. Dr. Oliver Tessmann (TU Darmstadt, Department of Digital Design)

“Sensory materials in 3D printing”, Dr. Stefan Riegg (TU Darmstadt, Department of Functional Materials)

“Functional structures and metamaterials for additive production”, Prof. Dr. Thilo Bein (Fraunhofer LBF, Darmstadt)


image: 4D textiles – 3D printing of a pre-stressed fabric (source: Dorothea Lang)