Innovative lightweight construction for interior design, architecture and the automotive industry

2nd evening event in the series of events "Materials shape product"

18 November 2010 · 17:00–20:00

Location: formvielfalt GmbH, Groß-Umstadt
Organizer: Action line Hessen-Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry of Economics
Partners: VDID, Hessen Design, Messe Frankfurt
Program development: Haute Innovation – Agentur für Material und Technologie
Presentation: Dr. Sascha Peters

The success of electric vehicles depends critically on whether it will make the automotive manufacturers to reduce the vehicle weight significantly or not. Above all, the plastics industry has in recent years developed, new high-strength lightweight materials, which are designed to replace the weighty metal body panels and glass panels. The total weight of the Lotus racing car of Evonik Industries has thus been reduced by 75 kg. Furthermore, the addition of additives to lower oil consumption, and new polymer materials to make the battery 65% lighter.

This and other examples of lightweight interior, architectural and automotive development are to be expected from the participants at the events of the next evening event series “Materials shape product” on 18th November 2010. The Hessian Ministry of Economics will talk about the potential of new materials and nanotechnology to a new attention of users. Our speakers will talk about the increasing importance of technical textiles for construction of sports facilities (e.g. the Football Stadium in Cape Town), the use of highly insulating aerogels in plastic wall sheets and the added value of electro rheological fluids for construction of sports equipment.

For a maximum practical approach we will bring industry representative samples and showpieces, such as the Lotus racing. We therefore expect an exciting and informative evening and are looking forward to seeing you very much.


“Lightweight materials for design and architecture”, Ralph Schneider (BayerMaterial Science AG), Ralf Weber (Bayer Sheet Europe GmbH)

“Textile architecture for the applications”, Katja Bernert (Verseidag-Indutex GmbH)

“Innovative lightweight designs with plastics for the automotive industry”, Klaus Hedrich (Evonik Degussa GmbH)

“The strength of electro rheological fluids”, Matthias Bruns (Fludicon GmbH)

“Lightweight and environmental protection of exhibit constructions”, Thea Riemann (formvielfalt GmbH)

image: Football stadium in cape town with a textile facade (source: Verseidag-Indutex GmbH)