Multifunctional materials for architects and designers

1st evening event in the series of events "Materials shape product"

16 September 2010 · 17:00–20:00

Location: University of Kassel, Atelier K10
Organizer: Action line Hessen-Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry of Economics
Partners: VDID, Hessen Design, Frankfurt Trade Fair
Program development: Haute Innovation – Agentur für Material und Technologie
Presentation: Dr. Sascha Peters

Most building materials are old-fashioned materials and have nearly always been the companion of civilisation development. It is surprising that lately, a lot of new material developments until now, with unimagined potentials for construction, architecture and design have been discovered. Rock surfaces receive retro-reflective qualities that are permeable to light and shade and can rid the air of harmful exhaust gases. Using nanotechnology, specifically concrete construction material is a classical way to get into our living environments. This material is permanently glossy, abrasion- and water-resistant and is approved for foods. By embedding glass microspheres into the rock mass, concrete can reflect light and can be used as a planar light-emitting element or the marking of safety edges. Through integration of optical fibres, architects and interior designers are inspired to new concepts of space. Aluminium surfaces will carry additional functions with special coatings and the quality of metal facades.


“Bling Crete – Retro-reflective concrete”, Thorsten Klooster (task Architekten), Prof. Heike Klussmann (University of Kassel)
“High-tech concrete for your living room”, Dr. Gregor Zimmermann (G.tecz)
“A translucent stone for different applications”, Dr. Andreas Roye (Robatex GmbH)
“Air cleaning with concrete blocks in the street area”, Dr. Werner Tischer (Franz Carl Nüdling Basaltwerke)
“Innovative aluminium surfaces for construction and interior design”, Wulf Binder (Novelis Deutschland GmbH)

image: BlingCrete (source: Thorsten Klooster – task Architekten, Prof. Heike Klussmann – University of Kassel)