Materials in Progress 2010

World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development

2 December 2010 · 9:30–17:30

Location: Euromold (Messe Frankfurt, Hall 11 site house)
Organizer: DEMAT
Chair and Program Development: Haute Innovation – Agentur für Material und Technologie
Partners: VDID, Hessian Ministry of Economy
Presentation: Dr. Sascha Peters

Bicycle frames made from hemp and bamboo, flexible stone for sports goods, carbon nanotubes for conductive plastics or inflated lightweight constructions from metal: These are some of the topical highlights of the “Materials in Progress 2010” conference which Euromold is using this year to react to the growing significance of materials for product development and design. 70% of all new products today arise from material innovations. Consequently, new material technologies are classed among drivers for innovation.

Apart from interesting material developments for tool and mould construction, above all else functional and nano materials will be focused on at the conference. Manufacturers will speak about innovative sustainability concepts and will present constructions based on cellulose plastics and biopolymers. A further focal point is innovative lightweight constructions such as metallic hollow sphere structures and foam. A new procedure for the manufacture of sheet components will be presented in a small series featuring incremental pressure forming.



“Materials in Progress: New materials between sustainability & multi-functionality”, Dr. Sascha Peters (HAUTE INNOVATION – Agentur für Material und Technologie)


“Functional galvanic surfaces for tool and mould construction”, Dr. Martin Metzner (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, Stuttgart)

“Open inflating procedures for lightweight structures from metals”, Oskar Zieta & Philipp Dohmen (Zieta Prozessdesign, Poland)

“Sintercladding: A new procedure for wear-resistant coatings”, Dr. Heiko Moll (Ruhr-University Bochum)


“Incremental sheet forming for motor vehicles, white goods and design”, Dr. Till Pfeifer (beauvary GmbH, Aachen)

“Industrial application of multi-functional structures from metallic hollow spheres and sponges”, Wolfgang Hungerbach (hollomet GmbH, Dresden)

“Zincopor: Foam structures for die-casting”, Robert Seiler (Havelländische Zink-Druckguss GmbH, Premnitz)


“Nanotechnology in plastics and polymer surfaces”, Prof. Dr. Matthias Rehahn (Deutsches Kunststoff-Institut, Darmstadt)

“Carbon nanotubes: From future material in functional applications”, Dr. Walter Schütz (Future Carbon GmbH, Bayreuth)

“Biopolymers and natural fibre composites in industrial application”, Dr. Jörg Limper (Evonik Degussa GmbH, Marl)


“Upcycling – from the rubbish bin to the market place with cellulose plastics”, Richard Hurding (Zelfo Technology, USA)

“Hemp bike: Lightweight frame construction from bamboo and hemp”, Nicolas Meyer (Onyx Composites, Osnabrück)

“Carbon fibre stone: A flexible lightweight composite for construction of vehicles and sports goods”, Kolja Kuse (TechnoCarbonTechnologies, Munich)

17:30 end

image source: Beauvary GmbH