Materials in Progress 2012

Forum on the occasion of dOCUMENTA(13)

21 June 2012 · 13:00–19:00

Location: IM-PORT//EX-PORT – A Floating Platform for Art and Science (Die Schlagd 0, Kassel)
Program development: Haute Innovation – Agentur für Material und Technologie
Partner: Aktionslinie Hessen-Nanotech des Hessischen Ministeriums für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Landesentwicklung
Presentation: Dr. Sascha Peters

We’re standing before a drastic change of our product and material cultures. As the raw material and energy resources are getting tighter, the desire for products that pose no negative impacts on our environment, make new sustainable materials for designers and architects necessary. On the occasion of DOCUMENTA 13 HAUTE INNOVATION is setting up the forum “Materials Progress in 2012” in the impressive atmosphere of the old passenger ship “IM-PORT/EX-PORT” on the river Fulda in Kassel. Several manufacturers will present their latest material innovation and discuss the important factors in the context of sustainability.



Prof. Heike Klussmann (University of Kassel)

“Sustainable and smart materials for designers and architects”, Dr. Sascha Peters (HAUTE INNOVATION, Berlin)

Bio-based and Recycling Material

“Durable wood by wax impregnation”, Sebastian von Borstel (Dauerholz AG)

“Wet Green – Olive residues for clean leather products”, Dr. Jens Zotzel (N-Zyme BioTec)

“RESYSTA – Wood substitute made ​​from rice bowls”, Roland Stoiber (Resysta International)

“Neptune fibres – Insulation from the sea”, Prof. Richard Meier (Neptutherm)

Lightweight Solution

“Innovative paper-honeycomb structures and their potential for lightweight solutions”, Ron van Wely (SWAP Sachsen)

“Crystal structures for lightweight construction”, Jens-Hagen Wüstefeld (Leichtbauelement)

“BalanceBoard – Sustainable material solutions for the wood industry”, Stefan Nepf (WODEGO)

Smart and Energetic Material

“Smart textiles and techniques of surface functionalization”, Sabine Gimpel (TITV Greiz)

“Transparent thermal insulation with aerogel, Thomas Adenauer (Bayer MaterialScience – Eco Commercial Building)

“Multi-functional structures made by metal hollow spheres and foams”, Joerg Galitz (Hollomet)


A Floating Platform for Art and Science

From April to October 2012, a decommissioned ship will be transformed into the MS IM-PORT//EX-PORT, a transdisciplinary platform for art, science and teaching on the river Fulda. The IM-PORT//EX-PORT initiative, represented by Andre May, Lessano Negussie and Nicolai Kudielka, will make the main, upper and sun decks available for exhibitions, lectures, workshops and collaborative work. The goal of this transdisciplinary project, directed by Prof. Heike Klussmann, is to bring artists, scientists, students and teachers together in a singular location. The guiding theme is the concept of exchange—of life in a state of flow. In a process of investigation and imagination, various fields will be made accessible through dialogue with other disciplines. The project relies on the self-directed participation of representatives of the arts and the sciences.

The main concern of IM-PORT//EX-PORT is to generate and harness mutual inspiration from art, science and technology—their inherent similarities, parallel developments and differences—and to explore work processes and procedures. The ship, which was retired after 40 years of passenger vessel service, offers a unique set of amenities at a riverside site in the center of Kassel. The event and exhibition space is approved for up to 150 persons. During dOCUMENTA (13), it will provide a unique interface between the university, its art school, the city of Kassel and the international public. IM-PORT//EX-PORT is a featured site of the city’s official Kassel Kultur 2012 program in conjunction with DOCUMENTA.

image: Lightweight panel with bamboo rings (Source: Wassilij Grod)