3D-Printing Congress

Event on the future markets of additive manufacturing within furniture production and interior design

7 May 2015 · 10:00–16:30

Location: Interzum, KölnMesse, hall 4
Organizer: KölnMesse
Program Development: Haute Innovation – Agentur für Material und Technologie
Presentation: Dr. Sascha Peters

Over the last two years, the potential of generative manufacturing and 3D printing has developed into a genuine alternative to conventional production technologies. Combined with the power of the internet, some experts are already describing an imminent transformation process which could have the impact of an industrial revolution. Since direct additive manufacturing has opened new areas of application in the field of medical technology and in the aerospace industry, generative manufacturing methods are increasingly being discussed in the context of the furniture industry as well as for interior design.


10:00 – 11:30
Additive Manufacturing for Interior and Design: Potential and applications

“From printed moon bases and biomimetic sofas – Euphoria in generative production”, Dr. Sascha Peters (HAUTE INNOVATION Berlin)

“Myth and future opportunities of additive manufacturing: When is it worth to enter the market and which leaps are to be expected in the future?”, Dr. Eric Klemp (Direct Manufacturing Research Center DMRC, Paderborn)

“The factory of the future with additive technologies”, Jürgen Blöcher (FKM Lasersintering, Biedenkopf)

“The digital print shop for furniture from the perspective of sustainability”, Jürgen Bertling (Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Oberhausen)

11:45 – 13:00
Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing: New technologies and materials

“The full-scale FFF 3D printer for the production of furniture”, René Gurka (BigRep, Berlin)

“LAY Wood, LAY Brick, Poro LAY: Materials innovation for designer”, Kai Parthy (CC Products, Köln)

“The Gravity Sketch – With Augmented Reality to 3D-Printing”, Pierre Paslier (The Gravity Team, London)

“Bio-inspired design by innovative manufacturing principles”, Prof. Anke Bernotat (Bernotat & Co. Design Studio, Amsterdam / Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen)

New Design with Additive Technologies: On never-ending options and the boundaries of creativity

“Additive manufacturing and the new possibilities for designers”, Christoph Völcker (Purmundus, CIRP)

“L`habitat imprimé: 3D printed interior”, François Brument (In-Flexions, Paris)

“Fittings, screws and Co. – 3D printing for suppliers”, Sven Bastiaen Schulz (Customind, Bonn)

“3D Weaver Loom: Additive manufacturing for the textile industry”, Oluwaseyi Sosanya (Sosafresh, London)

Printed Architecture: When will we experience the first marketable application in the building industry?

“Contour Crafting: How will 3D printing change the future of our cities?”, Sebastian Bertram (LimeMakers, Berlin)

“MiniBuilders: Robots for 3D printing in construction and design”, Saša Jokić (Formdwell-Construction Robotics, New York)

“Concrete Printing: Potencials of additive techniques for architecture”, Dr. Asko Fromm (Universität Kassel)

“Computational Architecture: Bio-inspired structures by additive technologies”, Daniel Büning (NOWlab, Berlin)

image: Minibuilders – robots printing architecture (source: IAAC, Barcelona)