OSSB board made of wheat straw

Wood substitute from an agriculturally valuable by-product

24 April 2013

NovoFibre is the world‘s first Oriented Structural Straw Board (OSSB). It is made of 100 % high-quality natural wheat straw and produced in a continuous hot pressing process, using formaldehyde-free adhesive for an extraordinary environmental performance quality comparable to natural materials.

Climate-friendly production process

Wheat straw, the basic material for NovoFibre panels, was usually burned or plowed under in China. With its conversion from waste to material, NovoFibre makes an important contribution to the idea of a “green economy”, climate compatibility and sustainable development. The ecological arguments for NovoFibre panels are:

  • Reduction of carbon-emissions through the elimination of straw burning and a low CO2 emission production process
  • Reduction of deforestation (most wood is used for the construction industry)
  • Increased income for farmers through selling a bi-product of their harvest

This green concept is visible: the surfaces of NovoFibre panels have a unique natural look and feel, which makes them an ideal base material for outstanding and contemporary design. NovoFibre produces a wide range of panels to different technical specifications, which can be applied in construction, furniture and many other ways. For example the NovoFibre Series range offers ready-to-use panels for various purposes in interior decoration such as decorative wall panelling, flooring and sound insulation.

Key features of the NovoFibre range:

  • Superior workability: does not break when cut
  • Easy trimming and exceptional bending properties
  • Excellent nail-holding capacity on all sides
  • Better water resistance than traditional wood-based board

While our first manufacturing site is located in Central China, future projects are been studied for new plants to be located around China, in North America and in Europe.


image: NovoFibre