Biodegradable design with renewable raw materials

3 May 2012

For months we have been receiving requests from designers looking for a binding agent for molded parts that is 100% renewable raw materials and is biodegradable. Beat Karrer from Zurich has now succeeded in such a development. FluidSolids consists of industrial waste from renewable raw materials, which is shaped by a degradable binding agent based on proteins.

Highest surface quality and molding accuracy

The most striking design feature of FluidSolids is the flexibility in structure, surface, grain and color. It can be processed with classic shaping production techniques such as injection molding and extrusion with high molding accuracy and adjustable physical qualities. FluidSolids is also suitable for the production of semi-finished products. Both in the manufacture and processing of the odorless and emission-free material, the developers have quantified a lower energy consumption compared to conventional materials. FluidSolids is characterized by the highest surface quality and molding accuracy as well as freely adjustable physical properties and durability.

In the future Beat Karrer would like to develop the material as a platform solution for the processing of production waste into biocomposites and to use waste streams in an economic way.


image: Beat Karrer