Cup from coffee grounds and caramelized sugar

15 June 2011

Natural residues are currently very popular with designers. Julian Lechner was inspired in an Italian coffee bar to create a mug using coffee grounds from espresso machines and caramelized sugar. The natural binding agent enables around 20 cups of coffee to be enjoyed. The coffee grounds slowly decompose and give the drink an additional aroma. If you want, you can also nibble on the cup. It then disappears as organic waste in the bin.

Wood fibers and a biopolymer make coffee grounds cups durable for everyday use

Julian Lechner has now optimized the recipe for the cup to such an extent that it is dishwasher-safe and can be used as an alternative to conventional solutions in the household or in catering. The new cup was presented to the public for the first time at the “Coffee Festival” in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2015 and received a great response from the press. Production began in large numbers under the name “Kaffeeform” and was sold in selected specialist shops.

The Berlin designer also sells cups made of coffee grounds with matching saucers online at:


image: Julian Lechner