Invisible Spring

Hinge with memory effect

21 November 2015

With “Invisible Spring”, the designer Nina Lieven presents a material development for a hinge that automatically springs back into its starting position after actuation and has a remarkable memory effect.

Invisible Spring connects a hinge and a spring in one material

It can be produced in various amounts of thickness and strength. Invisible Spring is made of a thermoplastic textile material, i.e. a film, woven or nonwoven textile. Two plates of the material are merged under heat and pressure thus forming a hinge. The thermoplastic material shrinks during the process obtaining the rebound effect. This effect makes the material go back to the original position after being bent. This could be used among others in furniture or automotive industry. Easy integration in already existing manufacturing processes together with the use of recyclable, low cost materials makes this technology attractive for the industry.


  • The main feature of Invisible Spring hinge is its rebound effect that makes it autonomously move back to its basic position after a bending process.
  • If it is not possible to install the hinge during the process it can be applied to the joining components afterwards.
  • Lightweight and high rigidity are combined with low cost material and recyclability.

More information about development and design:

image: Nina Lieven