EDAG CityBot

Smart mobility for the clean city of the future

4 October 2020

The cities of tomorrow should become more livable and environmentally friendly, with less noise, without pollution from traffic and mobility systems that focus on people. Urban development is currently adjusting to scenarios in which efficient and scalable mobility solutions counter the increasing volume of traffic. With its CityBot EDAG presented a mobility concept that integrates artificial intelligence. It is being developed as a game changer for the Smart City of the future.

Sensors enable the detection of dynamic obstacles

“Autonomous driving in combination with digitalization is the great opportunity to effectively counter the traffic congestion,” Johannes Barckmann (Head of Concept Cars, EDAG Group).

The environment sensors built into the EDAG CityBot enable self-localization as well as safe movement in confined situations. The system supports emergency braking functions and evasive maneuvers at low speeds by detecting the presence of very close objects. It is reacting more quickly to dynamic obstacles that suddenly appear, such as pedestrians or children playing.

As part of the further development of the EDAG CityBot, the company’s AI experts are developing intelligent software for various functions. The aim is to use neural networks from systems like path planning, swarm intelligence and maintenance profitably and to enable safe autonomous driving.

The mobility experts at EDAG see initial application scenarios for the CityBot in the context of industrial applications as well as in semi-public environments such as on the traffic routes of airports or in the logistics sector. However, market-ready solutions for urban local transport will not be available until 2030.


image source: EDAG