Translucent concrete for construction

31 May 2013

LiCrete is a new building material from Gravelli from Prague. It consists of 85% concrete and 15% translucent materials. With its special translucency, it is suitable for staging backlit walls, stairs or counters made of concrete.

Luminaire as a concrete body

The production of LiCrete is much cheaper than comparable offers for translucent concrete. Thanks to the favorable ratio between concrete and the light additive, the material has a certain load-bearing capacity. With its mechanical properties, it can be used by architects and designers as a construction material.

Gravelli has LiCrete panels and blocks in the planning, so that walls can be implemented quickly and easily. In addition to these offers, the company is already offering LiCrete lights made of a concrete body with translucent elements that can be used to create unconventional lighting effects. Gravelli is currently working on improving the production line. LiCrete building materials are expected to be available on the market in early 2014.

image: Gravelli