Alphamesh metal ring surfaces

Reflective fabric structures for architecture and design

8 June 2011

Alphamesh refers to facade and surface materials that consist of a large number of interwoven metal rings or of scale braids. The transparency of the ring structure enables working with light effects and the creation of scenic atmospheres in architecture and design. Light reflections on polished metal surfaces enormously expand the scope for design.

Metal ring mesh in stainless steel and bronze

This is particularly true of metallic scale braids. The combination of spatial flexibility, light guidance and play with transparency dissolves the clumsiness of conventional metallic surfaces. While Alphamesh metal ring mesh is available in stainless steel or bronze and standard ring diameters of 7 mm and 12 mm, scale meshes are available in brass and aluminum.

The weight per unit area of ​​a stainless steel mesh with a ring diameter of 12 mm is only 3.2 kg. Alphamesh is interesting for interior designers, architects, shop and exhibition stand construction as well as for fashion designers and artists. Due to the high level of vertical integration, the company can also manufacture structures according to individual requirements. Scale meshes are available with a maximum format of 3 x 6 meters and are suitable for outdoor applications. During the manufacturing process, 27,750 sheds are produced per square meter.

image: Alphamesh