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The laser is developing into a multifunctional material

10 April 2011

Laser science fiction used to be instruments in the imagination of filmmakers and writers. Today the laser has developed into a multifunctional tool that can be used to cut, bend or weld materials. Now there is a new application: laser foaming for the production of resistant lettering.

Gas bubbles in the material

In some synthetics a laser beam causes the polymer to melt and local foaming through the formation of bubbles, which are fixed in the material structure. The bubbles change the refractive properties of the material, optical effects, writing and characters can be created. Braille can also be created, which can be applied to the back of a door handle, for example, to show the blind the way.

The Rhineland-Palatinate company Budenheim has optimized the technology of “laser-induced plastic foaming” to such an extent that structures can be incorporated into surfaces with high precision. Antibacterial and flame retardant qualities can also be achieved using additives. Laser foaming has already entered the building industry, the packaging materials production and the automotive industry. The creation of Braille represents a special field of application. Laser foaming can be used to feature Braille characters on the underside of door handles and accordingly guide blind people through a building.
The technology is protected by patent.


Patent EP2553006A1: www.patents.google.com/patent/EP2553006A1/de

image: Budenheim