Graphic metal design with perforated grids

24 November 2012

A new manufacturing innovation from the Alpine region is further blurring the boundary between two and three dimensional design. To produce a sheet of photographic metal the relevant image is punched into a thin sheet of metal by means of different-sized perforations, like a pixel grid.

10,000 holes per square meter

The hole sizes are distributed on the sheet in such a way that color gradients, shading and reflections can be displayed. Up to 10,000 holes per square meter of sheet metal are made for sufficient resolution. The base material can be 1-3 mm thick aluminum, 0.5-2 mm thick stainless steel or other metals and plastics with a maximum area of ​​1.25 x 3 m. Larger motifs are composed of several sheets.

The technology described is suitable for facade and wall elements as well as for fences or railings. In interaction with the background, the lighting and the color coating of the sheet metal, the process offers designers and architects a great deal of creative freedom. The design data can be tested using an online tool and sent to the service provider by pressing a button.

image: Fotoblech