Curved architectural glass with gold printing

Digital printing with precious metals in facade construction

24 July 2021

Gold and silver have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. In conjunction with glass, they can create brilliance and a special optical effect. The glass finisher sedak has developed its digital printing technology to such an extent that gold and silver can be applied to architectural glass that is up to 18 meters long. This can even be bent afterwards.

Precision with a resolution of up to 1024 dpi

The interplay of gold, silver and glass creates panes with a fascinating look as insulating and safety glass. The printing process allows even the finest details and filigree structures. Complex design ideas can be implemented with high precision. One of up to 1024 dpi is possible.

The printing takes place on float glass. For the printing process the gold or silver particles are bound in a special solution and applied to the glass extremely finely in a digital procedure. In the tempering process that follows the valuable metal bonds permanently to the glass. In order to protect the printed design from environmental influences and mechanical damage such as scratches, the printed side is placed on the inside of the laminate towards the film interlayer and is thus protected by the glass.

“After three years of research and development we have now extended the spectrum of our digital printing to include the possibility to design glass panes with the majestic shine of real gold and silver – even in oversized formats”, Ulrich Theisen, Sales Manager at sedak, is pleased to report. “There is a fascinating interaction between the transparency of the glass and the brilliance of the precious metals, which captivates the observer.”

Digital printing of precious metals offers numerous advantages compared with other procedures. Whereas with coating only full-surface application of the metal layer is possible, with digital printing even the most intricate designs can be printed: fine dots, complex patterns and even color gradients can be achieved. The digital gold and silver printing can also be combined with ceramic color printing. A further advantage of digital printing is the economical application of the material – a cost advantage, especially with precious metals.

image source: sedak