Biobased composite from calcium hydroxide, casein and hemp fibers

14 November 2018

With the desire to create closed material cycles, designers are increasingly relying on self-developed composite materials made from purely biological or renewable raw materials in their designs. In his project “Organico” Philipp Hainke utilizes traditional and renewable resources for the development of a new, innovative material. An adhesive, composed of calcium hydroxide and casein, is used to press hemp fibers and shives into solid forms.

Industrial hemp accounts for 85% of the volume

The resulting objects are characterized by an appealing design aesthetic somewhere between nature and technology. In a unique, purposeful way, the objects preserve the archaic character of their resources. This results in a clear design that does not forfeit sensuality.

It is important to note that the significance of the project can not only be seen in the final objects, but in the research of various ways of processing and using the material. It also contributes to a new and sustainable way of thinking about materiality and product life cycles.

image: Philipp Hainke