3D metal printed security key

Swiss start-up develops solution with selective laser melting

26 February 2018

The market for additive production has been growing at an annual rate of around 30% for some years now. While in aviation and medical 3D printing techniques have already found their way into the market, in other markets this development is still in its infancy. In particular for the consumer goods industry and the markt around hardware shops, an increased importance of additive production processes is expected in the near future. The start-up Urban Alps from Zurich recently surprised the public with the presentation of a 3D-printed security key.

Security codes are completely hidden under narrow ledges

Stealth Key is the first 3D metal printed key that provides unparallel levels of key duplication security. Today, conventional high security keys provide little barrier to unauthorised 3D printing duplication. Current 3D imaging and printing technology means keys can now be copied by individuals quickly, cheaply and without trace.

The patented Stealth Key is a purely mechanical solution where the security codes are completely hidden under narrow ledges, ensuring that the codes cannot be photographed or scanned. Stealth Keys are produced by 3D metal printing, the same technology used in the production of rocket engines and gas turbines. Their application ranges from governmental assets security, to oil and gas or military facility security projects. Custom made solutions for unique high security projects are engineered by security experts in Zurich, Switzerland.


image: Urban Alps