Climatex textiles

The invention of a textile screw forms the basis for the recyclability of all climatex textiles and is the reason for the targeted arrangement of natural and synthetic fibers in functional rooms.

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Spider silk proteins reach industrial applications

On the basis of a traditional fermentation process using genetically modified bacteria, spider silk proteins can for the first time be produced in any quantity for a wide variety of applications.

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ExPresso Tasse aus Kaffeesatz

Ex-Presso cups made from coffee grounds

Julian Lechner was inspired in an Italian coffee bar to create a mug using coffee grounds from espresso machines and caramelized sugar. The natural binding agent enables around 20 cups of coffee to…

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Bioolive - Mit wet-green-Technologie gegerbtes Olivenleder

wet-green bio leather

Based on olive leaves as a renewable raw material and residue, wet-green GmbH has developed a new natural olive tanning agent with cross-linking properties and derived an environmentally friendly…

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BananaPlac – banana fibers for material panels

BananaPlac is the result of a student project at the University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Fiber material from banana trees is used to produce a thermally formable panel material.

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Neptune grass – thermal insulation from the sea

They can be found on the coasts of southern Italy, Tunisia and Sicily. Neptune balls are matted seaweed balls from the Posidonia oceanica plant with some exceptional properties for the construction…

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