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Our offers are ranging from innovation management for material intensive product development, application development for material innovation into selling communication solutions and organising events. We’re currently at the standing position of the latest material and technology development and we sense the most important upcoming trends for you.

We bring your Innovation onto the Market!

Innovation Management and Application Development

  • Development of application scenarios for innovative material and technologies in interdisciplinary development teams 
  • Management of material based innovation and product development processes
  • Carrying out workshops


Material Consulting and Technology Selection

  • Project-helping consultation. Providing information and pattern for material, production possibilities and technologies
  • Identifying technological solutions for concrete task positions
  • Building of road-map analyses
  • Establishing contacts with technology prospects and scientists


Technology Communication and PR-Measures

  • Development of communication strategies
  • Using marketing instruments selling material and technology
  • Realising meaningful communication media (printing, digital media, search-engine optimised internet events)
  • Draw up texts for innovative technology and material for internet offers, leaflets, books and magazines


Organisation and Event Management

  • Conception of large events and hosting a number of smaller venues for material and technology
  • Conferences, events and workshops for industrial and public clients
  • Event management, hosting and handling 



Cups made from Coffee Powder and Caramel



Additive Manufacturing

January 2016

the path toward individual production



Innodex Materials Innovation

November 10-13, 2015

ELMIA Subcontractor, Jönköping/Sweden, Hall C



Smart Energy

November 20-30, 2015, Ludwigshafen

Innovation exhibition on the occasion of the BASF Creator Space Tour 2015