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Material Revolution

Sustainable Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture

December 2010

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Publisher: Birkhauser (Basel/Berlin) 


Vases made of algae fibers, cell phone casing of tree bark, coffins of almond shells, mosaics of coconuts and bicycle frames of bamboo: These are just some of the most striking examples of a development that will take on a revolutionary character in the near future. Natural materials, recycled industrial materials, and product concepts that are sparing with resources are all gaining ground. The world is seemingly undergoing radical change; or so the ever more frequent environmental problems and the bio-based solutions with a low environmental impact that companies are now touting would lead us to believe. Materials are to be more natural, healthier and more sustainable. Nothing less is at stake than saving our climate, securing our standard of living and creating a basis for life for the next generations.


A systematical survey on the available sustainable materials: The tool shows the performance of innovative materials with their characteristics and applications and offers all relevant manufacturer’s data.


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