Thumbsat platform for space experiments

Shape memory polyurethane for self-assembling products

19 April 2016

Thumbsat is a tiny platform for space experiments without the need of expensive launching and development costs. It can be used for small experimental projects (university groups, small companies or even creative projects) to large projects helping to monitor and remove space junk. The broader newness of this tiny satellite reflects the Earth green approach, being designed for leaving no technological trace in orbit. After a lifespan of 8 -12 weeks the satellite dissolve in the harsh conditions of space.

Thumbsat will be in orbit for the first time in September 2016

Witold Sokolowski (NASA) and Noumenon are joying forces to develop components and structures that can transform itself for future space applications. Noumenon rethink products where material systems show an increasing functionality for self-assembly that could transform everything.

Shape memory polyurethane are the ideal chemical mechanized tools to design self-reconfiguration products. The technological novelty of self-reconfiguration wherein the material is the mechanism creates a wide range of strategic business outcomes.

Smart material machines leaps beyond the traditional organization of objects; it outputs in unseen ways, where costumers received e-furniture in their mailbox without form and assemble itself when required. New packaging solutions that change and adapt to the product, and redefine the logistics & distribution energy and volume.

It also introduces a broader world of objects, through a unique feature that they can be modified to assume a new shape or function. For example, medical applications that are reusable and perfectly fit around body parts (splints, scanners and prosthesis).

Next to this, the material can perform tasks where no machine or hands can go, self-constructing and manufacturing systems for the automotive companies and aerospace applications.

image: Thumbsat