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Material Revolution 2

New Sustainable and Multi-purpose Materials for Design and Architecture

January 2014















Birkhäuser Verlag (Basel/Berlin) 


Following the huge success of Material Revolution, this second volume addresses the rapid development of material research and presents materials new to the market since 2010. The significance of sustainable and intelligent materials in design and architecture has increased enormously over the last two years. Numerous new products have been introduced to the market and designers’ thirst for knowledge about the sustainability of new material is as strong as ever, making a sequel to Material Revolution necessary. The new volume contains a similar system of classification but covers a completely different range of materials. There is a chapter dedicated solely to the criteria and factors of sustainable product design, as well as to innovative projects by designers and architects that work with new materials and technologies.






image: nettle fibre bioplastic composite (Design: Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau)

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energy efficient light from the sea



Innodex Materials Innovation 2018

November 13-16, 2018

ELMIA Subcontractor, Jönköping/Sweden



Materials Revolution 2018

November 13-16, 2018, Jönköping/Sweden

trend show on material innovations for the technical supply industry