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Grown Furniture

biological growth and organic waste for sustainable materials

March 2013

md Magazine 2/2013, Verlag Konrad Medien



It looks as if our resource-wasting product culture is out of date. At present, designers are creating a new logic of production and manufacturing. In doing so, they are one step ahead of social development. Because they take their cue from the principle of plant growth, making biodegradability and natural recyclability the most important qualities on new materials.


While British designer Carole Collet is still researching the limits of biological growth processes for textiles production by using the roots of black strawberry or the red shoots of a tomato plant, the future of furniture design has already begun for Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger. In his Chair Farm, he uses framework of perforated plate to produce chairs by letting bamboo shoots grow within them. Carbon-neutral and biodegradable...


md Magazine 2/2013: www.md-mag.com



image: Chair Farm (Design: Werner Aisslinger)

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