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Bio Leather thanks to Olive Tanning Agent

Wet-green® – Olive Residues for clean Leather Products


Olive leaves, olive oil waste water, olive pulp: in the Mediterranean region cultivating olives produces huge amounts of waste material. Putting this waste to good use is the objective of a host of development projects. By way of example, N-Zyme BioTec GmbH in Darmstadt produces a natural leather tanning agent from olive leaves. Conventional tanning methods used in the leather industry produce agents whose heavy metal content and petrochemical reactive tanning substances are extremely harmful to the environment. Thanks to the new olive tanning agent, the proportion of harmful chemicals used by tanning firms can be markedly reduced. They are completely non-toxic and easy to dispose of. Preparations are now underway to launch bio leather worked using the olive tanning agent in the automotive, furniture and shoe industry.



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