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Artificial Muscles and vibrant Film

Electroactive Polymers in Product Design


Over the years we have come to love it: our mobile phone. Now that the diversity of applications has risen enormously with the emergence of smartphones, manufacturers are exploring the tactile options afforded by touchscreens. In mid-February, Artificial Muscle Inc., a subsidiary of Bayer MaterialScience, presented an innovative compound foil for mobile phones. Integrated into Bayfol Reflex is a layer of an electro-active polymer. Under the influence of electricity, the foil shape-shifts, something that can be detected by the finger on the surface. The manufacturer sees potential above all for smartphones, game controllers and touchpads. The first commercial use is already on the cards: Californian manufacturer Morphie plans to bring out the game case "Pulse", a touchscreen surface that can be easily slipped onto the iPod4 Touch, and which is intended to make games and listening to music a tactile experience.




www.mophie.com (image)



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